Providing Rapid Prototyping AND Manufacturing SERVICES

Sintech Limited is proud to offer a range of services and consultation tailored specifically for Manufacturing, Rapid Prototyping, Tooling, and Value Engineering.  Using latest equipment and techniques, we can provide inventive solutions for all your design and manufacturing needs.  Our global capability ensures a rapid turnaround for all our customers, and our highly trained and friendly team are equipped to assist you with every aspect from concept to completion.

  • Over 20 years manufacturing and RP experience. CNC, SLS, SLA and Tooling (Most leading manufacturers)
  •  Provide a high quality and professional service to clients worldwide. From single prototypes to series production, we can cater for any size of project.  We can also arrange Seminars & Workshops to educate and advise of various cost reduction techniques, by increasing your system efficiency and reducing material wastage. 
  • Dealership (Fully Supported) in New & Used RP machines and refurbished ones, most leading manufacturer. Warranty on new & used equipment is provided. Contact us with your enquiry at: info@sintech.co.uk.

Our fully trained technical experts will provide comprehensive servicing and maintenance contracts. As well as Installation, Relocations, Upgrading, Training, at competitive market prices.